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Friday, 29 July 2011

Colourful Friday - Leaves.

Winter ground cover.

A spiny wattle.

Pittosoporum (Native Daphne).

Crowea? Wax flower?  Not sure. If someone can positively identify this plant please let me know.

This potted plant comes from North Queensland.
I think it's a Cordyline.  The colour of the leaf's edges is fluorescent pink.

Another unidentified plant indigenous to our local area.  Once again, help identifying it positively is welcome.  Perhaps a tea-tree?

Geebung or Persoonia.

This is a minute selection of (mostly) local native plants growing in our bush garden. 
Our little garden (just over one thousand metres squared) is slowly becoming one of a kind in our street.  This is because our neighbours, one by one, are turning more of their native gardens into usable space for their growing families.
This is not a criticism, just an observation and an incentive for me to preserve as much as I can in our garden as a reminder of what the area originally supported in the way of Wildplants.
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  1. These are lovely photos of our native flora. Your first one of the leaves is a definite reminder of Winter. Great to know you are preserving your native garden. Good luck.

  2. You have some gorgeous photos, especially with the water droplets.

  3. What a real pleasure to view your wonderful photos... such interesting leaves on so many.
    Enjoy your beautiful garden xx

  4. Just beautiful. I love that you are able to provide a home for the native spieces. I bet you have lots of birds visiting.
    Happy days.

  5. lots of lovely leaves

  6. Lots of very interesting photos you have posted. Might have to wait until flowers come out for ID.
    Have a nice weekend
    cheers Ian

  7. Beautifully clear shots, hard to pick a fave, but think it maight be the cordyline. Tracey

  8. Your photos are wonderful!! The browns in your winter ground cover are beautiful. Fun to see the different types of leaves!

  9. Love reading all your comments, thanks for dropping by everyone!

    Robyn thanks for hosting...hope you can work out something re future Colourful Fridays!

    Ian if you can help identify plants in future (with flowers) I would be extremely grateful.


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