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Friday, 8 July 2011

Spare A Thought.

Wild Weather has been playing havoc with life in the Blue Mountains.
I would like you all to spare a thought for the people of the Upper Blue Mountains, where many are without power.
The temperature last night reached a low of 1.8 oC in the Lower Blue Mountains.
Our household woke to a frosty morning.  I can only imagine what it must be like for the residents of Blackheath and surrounds where wind chill factor brings the temperature to below freezing. Some have lost their homes and most are without power.
Thankfully, the second cold front predicted was not as severe and this morning, the air is calm and the sun is shining.
Blue Mountains Gazette.
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  1. It is dreadful here on the coast as well. The wind is drying out the garden and everything looks tattered. Hope you stay warm and well
    cheers Ian

  2. Thanks for dropping by Ian. The Illawarra region has been our home away from home for around 30 years now.
    The flora in the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains is so similiar it freaks me out sometimes.
    The weather isn't that much different either except that Sydney tends to get a lot more humid in the summer. That's when we head down south!


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