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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dr. Seuss.

My Next Major Project (Times Two)!
Having had the 'flu for the past week, and still recovering, means not much sewing or anything else for that matter, happening.  I did manage to pop out Tuesday last week to purchase the above fabric.
Two cot quilts for two boy cousins due in August and October coming up.
I spent most of the afternoon today contemplating the fabrics trying to decide what to do with them as I don't have a pattern.
The two quilts will be very similar, very simple and the machine quilting, which I aim to complete, pretty straightforward.  I am counting on the fabric itself being the attraction to these quilts.

I have linked this post to Lee's Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.

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  1. Hope you're completely recovered and feeling well.

    These are great fabrics for boys quilts, lucky the babies who get them!

  2. Get better! It's not fun being sick! Good luck on the Dr. Seuss (I love this fabric!).

  3. Love that Dr Seuss fabric! Hope you feel better :(

  4. I love Dr. Seuss! I made a Dr. Seuss quilt for my new baby. I can't wait to see waht you do with your fabric. Hopefully you feel better soon.

  5. Hope you are feeling better. The flu knocks you down and zaps it all out of you.

    LOVE the Dr. Seuss prints! I can't wait to see what you do with it

  6. Hi there to everyone, I'm feeling the pressure now - have to produce a super duper Dr Seuss Quilt! LOL.
    Sofia, love your baby's quilt...I don't have any fabric like that in my collection so of course will look very different.
    See today's post for 'thank yous'...your comments all help to cheer me up.

  7. Looks like you will have fun, that fabric is so great.

  8. this fabric has just come to NZ & I am thinking of making a 21st birthday quilt with it - popping in the book - "Oh the places you will go"

    Hope you are feeling better
    Love LEANNE

  9. Thanks Leanne, I'M on the mend, now taking a herbal tonic to pick up my energy levels!
    I love this fabric so much, I chose it for two not yet born cousins because I think it's a theme that they will never outgrow! I've sort of been thinking of making one for my 2nd son's 40th birthday in 2 year time 'cause he loveS Dr Seuss. So I think your 21st idea is great. Sure it will be greatly appreciated! The book adds a nice touch. Buy as much as you can afford because I'm predicting it will be a rarity in a very short time!

  10. By the way, there's a Dr Seuss 50th anniversary children's book out in Australia at the moment. My friend is making a quilt similar to mine and has bought the book to go with it for her newborn grand daughter.


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