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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day 336/366

Only 25 day to Christmas and the countdown begins.
In true Australian fashion, December's weather has been sweltering.
My poor Grand Daughter's ballet school had their concert early tonight and had to perform in 38 oC temperatures.  Luckily their usual venue (which does not have air conditioning) is out of action for renovations. Today's venue was air-conditioned but it was pre-set so it only just managed to to keep everyone comfortable while outside it was reaching scorched earth proportions! 
Unfortunately,photo opportunities were not great and the only photos I was able to snatch was of the school group.
The school has organised photographs so I'm hoping to get a pretty shot of our Grand Daughter in her blue tutu.

After the concert we came home to a oven-like house, threw open all the windows and doors with security screens and then went to our Daughter's for coffee, tea and snacks which was also attended by a multitude of beetles, spiders and what ever other bug could squeeze through the tiniest gaps around windows and doors. 



  1. Thank goodness you had a bit of air conditioning so you could enjoy the concert. Your granddaughter would have had a lovely time in her tutu.
    I'm off to my daughter's last ever dance concert which will be quite emotional.

    1. Helen, enjoy your daughter's concert. Don't they grow up so quickly? I bet you can remember her first ever concert! Hope to see a photo or two of the event.


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