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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 333/366

I've been building up to a visit to the Blue Mountains Food Co-operative.  
The pantry has been becoming more bare by each day.
Today, I took the plunge.
Well, it wasn't so much a plunge as a very well thought-out and planned outing.  It has to be.
First there's the list.  Which has been been in the 'planning' stage for many months ( and entails writing down run-outs as they occur).
Then there's the organizing of the many containers which have to be clean, weighed  and labelled for content and weight.
Said containers are packed into carry bags -  along with a pencil and a marker which will be used at the co-op to write product codes onto the containers.  The co-op provides pencils and markers but it's more convenient to have my own.
I also pack empty egg cartons and clean glass jars for recycling and reuse at the co-op.
The drive up the hill is about  forty minutes, depending on weather and the always present road works. 
This morning's drive was made in fog and drizzle.

At the co-op I can buy most things in bulk:
A large variety of dried fruits, rices, sugars, flours, pastas, oils, pulses, herbs, teas, spices, coffees,hair care and cleaning products and so, so, much more.
I was going to photograph some of these products in the co-op's wonderfully and efficiently re-organized storage and shelving systems, new since my last visit ...but - when I found these pretty roses arranged on the outdoor setting; provided for people to sit, chat, read or snack, I photographed them instead.


  1. Seems like you really are organised when you do your shopping SP. A good way to be.

  2. It sounds like a lot of work to get ready, but I'm sure it is well worth it. The roses are lovely :)

  3. It pays to be organised...when you save $6 a kilo on some items (compared to supermarket price), plus member's discount, it's well worth the effort. I've been shopping there for years now, so I've got it down pat. And I might only shop there 3-4 time a year.
    Helen, the roses were a nice surprise on a gloomy day.


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