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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 326/366

I've been picking a small handful of blueberries from my garden most days.
I have two small plants in pots, under nets, to stop the birds from eating them before I do.
They are doing so well I've decided I must get a couple more plants for the garden.
That way I will have two small handfuls of blueberries at least every other day.
Blueberry plants prefer acid soils so are suited to mountain gardens.  For pollination to occur at least two plants are necessary.

One cupful of blueberries provides you with twenty five percent of your daily average allowance of manganese, twenty four percent of your daily average allowance of vitamin C, and thirty six percent of your daily average allowance of vitamin K.


  1. Blueberries are nice SP. We used to have a row of black currents at one house we had and the kids and I used to enjoy picking and eating them straight off the bush. Your blueberries have the same fate it seems :-) - Dave

  2. Beautiful shot!!! They look so yummy!!!

  3. Delicious fruit and a great photo!


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