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Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 331/366

Spring this year has been very mild.
As far as I'm concerned, that's fine.
I don't handle extremes of temperature too well.
Too cold and I become immobilized, put all my effort into warming up, don't want to leave the house and tend to become forlorn.
During extremely hot, humid weather my energy is sapped and I become a recluse in my own home, sheltering from the relentless sun.
So today was a bit of a reminder of what Sydney summers can become.
This spring, humidity levels, until today, have been at a tolerable level.
A storm mid afternoon only further added the tropical element of today's weather and
I returned home to find the house feeling like a sauna.

The little chap above, on the other hand, revelled in today's excessive warmth and made the most of the temperature by basking in our front garden, front feet firmly planted on the garden hose, for full benefit.
He or she...I'm not sure which...has become a regular in our garden over the past two or three years, so much so, that it recognizes us and trusts us to the point that we have to be mindful of its presence, watching our step for fear of exterminating the little creature.
As you can see from the above photograph, I was able to get pretty close without the dragon even flinching. (I think this is an Eastern Bearded Dragon.)
But like me, in the colder months, the dragon's activity will fade and visits to the garden will cease, to resume again in spring.


  1. What a great photo, it looks like it was posing for you :)


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