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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Day 322/366

Finally, I'm up and about again.
The last five days are like a bad dream.
I took it relatively easy today and Mr Honey Pie helped me with replenishing our fruit and vegetable supply at the local markets in Glenbrook.

Besides the fresh fruit and vegetables, I bought myself a box of owls.
Fifty owls to be exact, some of which I used to make the above card for our Second son's thirty ninth birthday tomorrow.

I hope his 39th Year is a Hoot!


  1. YAY!! Glad your feeling better!! Those Owls are too cute!! Happy Birthday to your son!!

    1. Thanks, thanks & thanks TT! It great to be up and about again.

  2. With those owls it had to be a hoot! Nicely made card SP - Dave

  3. Love those Owls! Great to see that you are feeling better :)


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