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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Day 311/366

Melbourne Cup Day & 500th Post
The Race that stops a nation.

Nanna, is the Melbourne Cup gold?
I'm not sure, I think it's silver.
Look Nanna it's gold!
So it is!  I didn't know that it's actually gold.

Nanna, why is he so small?
Because he's a jockey and jockeys ride horses, and if he was big, he'd make the horse very tired in a race.

Nanna, a race isn't about winning, it's about skill.
Yes, you're right you know.


  1. LOL outta the mouth of babes!!! You back pedaling?? 211?? LOL

    1. Thanks TT...I think I must be dreaming! I wish. All fixed now...

  2. How refreshing to see it from a child's point of view :)

    1. She's very perceptive...and she repeated all this to her mother when she picked her up.

  3. The cup that is part of the main prize this year is made from 18 carat handbeaten gold and worth $175,000. The minor cups for trainer, jockey and stablehand are gold plated sterling silver. To have the skill to train and care for a horse to enable it to be entered in such a prestigious world class race is an achievement in itself. Your grandson has it right :).

    1. It's amazing what one does not know about something that has been part of one's entire life! I have assumed that all trophy cups are silver because gold is so much more expensive! Wow, no wonder it's such a coveted prize! Thanks for that information. My grand daughter wanted to know why the owner was getting the trophy and not the jockey. So many questions ... so much to learn in life. I think she was happy to see that the jockey did get a trophy too...despite it being much smaller (and only gold plated!)


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