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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Day 309/366

Life has been so busy lately.
How lovely it was today, to be able to pack a picnic lunch, drive into one of our national parks and spend a leisurely afternoon with extended family.
The plan was bring your own everything and I took along a yummy meatloaf and salad for lunch.
The meatloaf proved quite popular not only with the humans but with the kookaburras too.  They took the opportunity to help themselves when no one was watching.
I swear that a pair of kookaburras kept watch over us the entire time we picnicked.
Besides being opportunists, kookaburras know how to laugh at life.
Perhaps we humans could learn a lesson or two from their habits, not only about laughter but the value of family, for it's very rare to ever see a solitary kookaburra.  


  1. Great picture!!! I bet it was a fun day!!!

  2. Great photo and I love your thoughts :)


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