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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day 313/366

Giraffe Watch
For most of the morning I've been on Giraffe Watch.
It's not everyday that you see a giraffe travelling down the Great Western Highway, through the beautiful Blue Mountains.
But this morning, you could.
Kitoto is being re-housed from Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo to Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo.
Kitoto is prepubescent and zoo keepers are worried that her father might make amorous approaches towards his daughter so a separation is in order.
I always associate Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo with giraffes before any other animal, because more often than not, a promotional shot of the zoo features a giraffe family with the Sydney skyline in the background.
The giraffes, I imagine, have the best view of any Sydney resident.
So, just in case you don't believe that this shot was taken on the highway...here's another...

Kitoto was scheduled to leave Dubbo yesterday, but apparently giraffes do not like getting wet.
Lo and behold...yesterday it rained in Dubbo (a rare occurrence) and Kitoto was not to be budged.
When zoo keepers realized that the delay meant their precious cargo would not arrive in Sydney until peak hour the trip was postponed.
So Kitoto is well on her way to her new home, being escorted by a police car front and back and I suspect travelling at speed in excess of the limit.
May she settle in quickly and be accepted into her new family without too much stress. 


  1. Its a real big effort transporting giraffes SP. I saw a show on TV recently where one was transported from Sydney zoo to Auckland Zoo. That was a real effort across the Tasman when the weather came up a bit rough too. You have to hand it to the keepers to keep the animal calm - Dave.

    1. I agree Dave, so many factors need to be taken into account. I'm hoping she gets to her destination safely. There's a storm heading south of here so if it stays on course she should be okay. Her journey has certainly caused some excitement in our local area and some headaches for her keepers I'm sure.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, she is and she seemed to take it all in her stride.

  3. Well done Sweet Pea to capture this unique moment, your story about is lovely. We watched the story on the news with great interest :)

    1. Thanks Helen, quite a bit of forward planning went into being there at the right time. So many of my friends missed her by just one minute! She travelled quickly. One lucky person missed her at the bridge but managed to get right behind her on the highway and travelled behind her with some most excited children in the car for about 12 kilometres.


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