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Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 328/366

ANZAC Bridge

ANZAC is the acronym for Australian New Zealand Army Corps.

This bridge replaces Glebe Island Bridge.

The ANZAC Bridge is the longest span cable-stayed bridge in Australia. The bridge is 32.2 metres (106 ft) wide and the main span is 345 metres (1,132 ft) long. The reinforced concrete pylons are 120 metres (390 ft) high and support the deck by two planes of stay cables. Initially the stay cables were plagued by vibrations which have since been resolved by the addition of thin stabilising cables between the stay cables.(Wikipedia).

ANZAC Bridge is my most favourite bridge in Sydney, yes, more favourite than the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Every time we drive over this bridge, a immense calm flows over me.

I like to think that it's got something to do with 'pyramid power'.


  1. Love it!! We have nothing like that here!!

  2. Fantastic shots Sweet Pea, I love the different angles :)


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