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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Post Party Review

We had a few celebrities turn up at our party last night...

Cindy Lauper on the left, accompanied by young Tommy Lee...

Dolly Parton...

And Robert Smith (The Cure)came too

as did Kermit the Frog and

The Pointy Sister (let your imagine run free...)

Black Lace agadoo-ed with a pineapple, La La danced with her Mum and Bob Marley and The Brady Bunch made a cameo appearance.

Bed time was a late affair, some not hitting the pillow until two AM-ish.
Two pre-schoolers acted as alarm clock this morning ensuring we were all up and about by seven thirty.

So what else do you do on a beautiful spring morning in the Blue Mountains but spend it with  your sisters in the garden?


  1. LOL too funny!!! Glad all had a fabulous time!!

    1. TT, despite the fact that I was still recovering from a head cold, I managed to have a great time...as did everyone else!

  2. Oh how wonderful and such fun!
    Love your 'sisters' photo :)
    I do hope you and Mr HP are feeling much better now xox

    1. Thanks Robyn, yes, we're feeling much better but still down on the energy levels! Hope you have recovered? Missing your posts.

  3. Sounds like that party was fun SP. Bed at 2am-ish and up at around 7am? That's a pretty short night's sleep! - Dave

    1. Indeed it was Dave. Still recovering....

  4. What a fabulous post, I just love your sisters photo. It sounds like you all had a great time, and I did chuckle at your two legged alarm clocks. Hope you are feeling all better now :)


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