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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 257/366

A Slice of Lemon

Mr Honey Pie and I have been unwell.
He with shingles, me with the 'flu.
No photography today but I have been playing around with Picasa.  That's about all the energy I've got.
The monochromatic picture above appeals to me as a very large fabric print repeat.

Here is the original of the photograph before it was cropped and edited.
Hope you are all okay today.
Which reminds me... in Australia September 13 is R U OK? DAY

R U OK?’s mission is to help end suicide by empowering people to make a difference through open and honest conversation and to drive real connection.

Today we are encouraged to ask people in our lives if they are okay.
Let's not make this a once a year occurrence...

I was recently asked, while watching a documentary about teenage suicide, if all this publicity about suicide only encouraged copy cats.
I truly believe that talking about suicide is for the better.
To prevent a human being from committing suicide, it is with the hope that they will see the day when they believe life is worth living.


  1. poor you, get well soon! and Mr must be so wretched, my friends Husband had shingles are he was laid very low for a while.
    Sending Glastonbury sunshine and magic x

  2. i agree with the previous commenter. Hope you feel better today SP. I feel for your husband with the shingles. Very painful and distressing, and they can linger a long time. Sympathies to him - Dave

  3. Regarding suicide, yes, a sad situation for anyone who may be involved - Dave

  4. Cool picture!!Hope you & Mr. Honey pie feel better soon!!

  5. I do hope you and Mr Honeypie are feeling better soon. I love the photo editing. I lost my brother to suicide 15 years ago and I do agree with you that it is a subject that should be talked about as it just might help someone on the brink change their mind.

    1. Hello Helen,
      so sorry to hear about your brother.
      I lost my brother to drowning 4 1/2 years ago. I think I can only imagine to begin to understand what it feels like to loose a brother to suicide.
      Sometimes, I believe the decision to commit suicide is made on the spur of the moment (although not always). It is a complex issue.
      Thank you for sharing your sad story.


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