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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 269/366

Tea Cup Tuesday
What better time to showcase this Paragon teacup trio than in spring?

This is the fifth set in my trio collection.
I am determined not to make impulse buys but to make sure I have a trio I really like and one that is in good condition or better.

I think I may have let myself down a little bit on this set.  Perhaps it is a second.

The gold trim is in excellent condition.
There is a slight bubbling on the glaze, just over the lilacs and two light brown spots inside the cup.
There is also the slightest chip on the unglazed under-cup edge.
On the edge of the cake plate there is the smallest smudge that looks like pen ink.
I think it is a splodge of blue under-glaze.
On the same plate there is a scratch in the glaze.
Despite these imperfections, this trio is quickly becoming one of my favourite because lilacs are not often used on dinnerware. Unlike roses.
Terri, at Artful Affirmations is a wealth of information when it comes to tea cups.
At present she is filling in her readers on back stamping on tea cups.
Why don't you drop over and visit her on 

I have linked to Tea Cup Tuesday at Artful Affirmations and Martha's Favourites.  


  1. I think it is a lovely set, inspite of it's imperfections. There is nothing nicer than tea sipped from a china teacup. I indulge in that little ritual every Sunday morning with a bone china cup from a dinner set my parent's received for their wedding. I will have to look it up and post a photo too :)

    1. I would love to see your teacup Helen. It sounds like you have a very special attachment to it. xxx

  2. Hello Sweet Pea,
    Your trio is lovely although it may not be in perfect condition. Sometimes that just adds to the charm of a set. So glad you have shared it with us. It's nice to 'meet' you. Have a beautiful day.



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