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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Day 246/366

On the second day of Spring,
we had breakfast at seven o'clock.
Mr Honey Pie went to work - on Father's day.

Grand Daughter and I danced in the garden.
We were Irish dancers, we danced a waltz, a bush dance, a ballet, even a barn dance.
Next we renamed all the trees in the garden.
The wattle tree became a pom pom tree.
The persoonia became a propeller tree.
Gums became plums.
Banksia serrata aptly renamed ballerina tree.
We found a fairy tree, a feather tree and stick tree.
But a fern tree always remains a fern tree.

At nine o'clock we had morning tea then took in some sun.
At ten o'clock we had a second breakfast.

We walked, we talked, we watched TV.
At half past twelve we had lunch.
We walked some more, we shopped a bit, and walked some more.
Grand Daughter went home to her Mum, and I went home to my home to wait for Mr Honey Pie.


  1. Very pretty!! Love the story!! I can can see you both dancing around & making new names for the trees!!

  2. A magical day, a day to treasure.


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