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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 235/366

Another magic purchase from the Salvation Army Family Store in Casino.
At one dollar a piece...a bargain.
Some months ago I almost bought a set of six of these wine glasses, from a stall at a local market.  They were in very bad condition and highly priced so was turned off them.
I bought these because as an engagement present, we received a set of six.  The set comprised two red, two blue and two yellow glasses.
A few years ago I smashed three of them while cleaning up after a dinner party.
I wept.
A fourth had a chip in it so that's been thrown out.
I so desperately wanted to make up my set of six again and last Thursday I had my chance.
Unfortunately, no yellow ones but instead I have three blue and three red, in pristine condition.
These are made in France.

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  1. They are fabulous, I have never seen anything like them! What a great find I love op shopping too, it's so satisfying to find a treasure and help a good cause at the same time.


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