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Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 226/366

Because of the wet, unsettled weather, we decided that today would be a good day to head into the hinterland of Byron Bay.
I could have posted a photo of the waterfall at Minyon Falls, or the Kookaburras that begged and begged for food.  I could have posted pictures of the ripening coffee beans that grow around Rosebank.
I could even have posted a photograph of the line of traffic that we got stuck in as we approached Lismore.
But instead, my 'thing' for doors pulled me towards this photograph.
I found it at Nightcap National Park, Rummery Park camp ground.
The building is now disused. I love the colours, the lines and the different textures in such a small area.


  1. This shot grabs you. Seems like the door is in a strange place being the corner... could be the angle. So interesting.
    Love the colour and love doors too.
    Hope you're enjoying Byron.

  2. I agree Sweetpea doors are interesting and this one looks like it could tell a few stories. Great photo.


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