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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Day 234/366

Teacup Tuesday

This morning, I landed into the day with a big thump.
Holiday over, Mr Honey Pie back at work, Daughter's birthday catered for and celebrated, home alone and finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things.
Mr Honey Pie, when home, always makes me breakfast. 
Porridge, and sometimes an affogato.
I don't particularly like porridge - but I have it because I know it's good for me, clears the arteries of cholesterol, so I believe.
Do you get up in the morning and have the same thing for breakfast everyday?  
No porridge and no coffee for me this morning.
I thought I'd have tea and toast and take the opportunity to show case another of last week's op-shop buys.

Do you remember these from the seventies?
Back then I hated them because they signified belonging to the 'have-nots'.
They were cheap as chips.
They hung out in the kitchenware section of the grocery store as opposed to the dinnerware section of the department store.
The ugly ducklings of china have now become collectable and I've fallen in love with them...especially the teal ones!
Mr Honey Pie and I found these in the Salvation Army Family Store in Casino.
Fifty cents each - an amazing bargain.
As I made myself breakfast, I thought they team up beautifully with the teapot I have from the same era.
The paddle pop sticks teapot stand was made by Second Son in the late seventies.  It was a Mother's Day gift to me.  I can't bear to part with it and as you can see, it's had lots of use.

And, if you're Australian, what would one have spread on toast but...
Vegimite and butter of course!

I have my tea black, no sugar and with a slice of lemon.
How about you?

In 1971, I was a Debutante. 
1972, I was married. 
By the end of the decade, I had three children.
I was one of the lucky women that was able to continue working while pregnant and between the birth of each child.
We moved into our first mortgaged house in 1975 and our second one in 1977.
Life was exciting and I was not afraid of a challenge.

Fashion and decor was fun, innovative and funky.
Times were definitely changing.
Do you remember the seventies?

Here is an advertisement from a newspaper dated September 1971.
Similar cups as the ones above are being advertised for $1.50 for four, including metal tree stand.
A forty eight piece porcelain dinner set can be purchased for under ten dollars.
I read somewhere once, that the most rare and valuable antiques are usually the pieces that were plentiful and inexpensive to begin with.
Generally they are not treasured or cared for properly so become lost, broken and discarded until not many pristine pieces remain.
Do you treasure something that may once have been deemed inexpensive or inferior?

Although these aren't technically teacups, I hope Terri doesn't mind me joining in on her 
Teacup Tuesday Tea!


  1. I do remember the 70's. That's when I migrated to US and got married too. How time flies! Your mugs are really nice, love the teal also. They look very sturdy....Christine

    1. Thanks for dropping by Christine...yes doesn't time fly...my children are quickly approaching their forties!

  2. I have porridge every morning, but as a special treat I have a toasted onion bagel with vegemite. I adore it!
    Hmm, the 70's I was a teenager, studying, sitting exams and leaving school, getting my first job and later my first boyfriend.

    1. Onion bagel...that sounds yum Kath. Onion & Vegimite sounds like a good combination too.
      The 70s were a great time to be a teenager...I was still one when I got married LOL!

  3. Love your post! I remember those tea cups. I think we had them in blue and green, maybe gold too.
    I know what Vegemite is. My uncle lived until 96 and I think he gives all the credit to it : )

    1. Yes, I think there would hardly have been a household in the western world without one of these cups Terri.
      Vegemite is touted as being a great source of Vit. B. which may explain why your uncle gave it credit for his longevity.
      As children our mum used to make us a hot drink by stirring a teaspoon of Vegimite into a cup of hot water.
      Thanks for hosting Teacup Tuesday!

  4. What a lovely post, even though you had the end of holiday blues. I remember those mugs, we had them. We had not long arrived from the Uk (1974) and had nothing but the clothes on our backs. I was just 10 years old so it was all a bit of an adventure for me, but as a parent now I don't know how my folks were so brave to take such a big risk to emigrate....so glad they did though.


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