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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day 229/366

Once again, it's difficult to choose just one photograph to depict the day's experiences.
On our way south, after stopping at Bangalow for morning tea, we went to Bexhill, to visit the open air cathedral.
The 'cathedral' is surrounded by a memorial garden with a beautiful array of Australian native plants.
The majority of the native plants are grevilleas. 
Grevilleas come in an array of colours, from ivory, to gold to red to pink to apricot.
Grevilleas belong to the family Proteaceae and are known for their quirky resemblance to a toothbrush.
Like this one:

After our visit to Bexhill, we drove to Casino where we went on an op-shop crawl.
We managed to pick up a few bargains which I will post about once we've returned home.
(Actually, our op-shop crawl began in Bangalow!)


  1. How interesting to see plants that we don't have here in England.
    It always fools me when I see your place names, as we have friends at Bexhill, but it is Bexhill in England.

  2. Yes, Kath, I know what you mean about the place names. Coincidentally driving in this particular area reminded me so much of the country lanes of England. The roads were endless, winding and very countrified yet not too far away from civilization. I didn't know places like this still existed in Australia!

  3. I love seeing your plants too!! We don't have those here. Love the shots!


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