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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 232/366

I promised you that I would post about my and Mr Honey Pie's op-shop crawl which happened on Thursday.
This little cutie was our first purchase, along with a one dollar poetry book from 1947.  We found both in the Bangalow Anglican Opportunity Shop.
Can you guess what the little contraption above is?
Well, I guess the cups are a give away.
It's a mini two-cup Irmel moka pot or stove top espresso coffee maker.
It was priced at fourteen dollars.
Funnily enough, none of the women working in the shop knew what it was and we had to tell them.
Mr Honey Pie needs another coffee maker like he needs a hole in the head.
This is his second two-cup stove top coffee maker, and his fifth stove top coffee maker.
And of course he has an electric espresso coffee machine too.
And me?  Well I hate coffee.
The only way I will drink coffee is served as an affogato (a scoop of vanilla icecream served with a shot of espresso coffee).
And it must be before noon.  Anything later and I'm awake until two in the morning.
What is special about this little machine is that it's (obviously)pink and anodised aluminium.
This morning Mr Honey Pie made two cups of espresso coffee with it just to try it out.
I don't think he will be making his coffee regularly with it, but I can see that he has a nice little collection of moka pots in the making. 

The poetry book is titled 
The Quiet Spirit An Anthology of Poems Old & New, Compiled by Frank Eyre.
Initially I intended to use it for my paper crafts but then I started flicking through the pages.
This poem caught my attention:

All look and likeness caught from earth,
All accident of kin and birth,
Had pass'd away. There was no trace
Of aught on that illumined face,
Upraised beneath the rifted stone,
But of one spirit all her own;--
She, she herself, and only she,
Shone through her body visibly.

In the book the title was a number: 98. 
I had to turn to the back pages of the book to find out that the poet's name is: COLERIDGE and the poem's title is 'Phantom'.

Well, guess who one of my favourite poets is?  Yes, Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

'In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure dome decree,
where Alph, the sacred river ran through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea.
So twice five miles... ' (From memory).

And who doesn't know the Rime of The Ancient Mariner?

I've decided to keep the book.

Inside the front cover, the following words have been handwritten:

'For Edna
March 3rd 1947.'


  1. The pink coffee maker is adorable and while I love coffee myself.. and look forward to my daily cuppas, my DS does not like it or the smell either.
    Enjoy looking at it ;-)
    ..and the book is definitely a keeper.
    Great finds!

    1. Robyn, I can understand how your DS must feel...I'm a bit the same especially with instant coffee and find the dregs in the bottom of the cup are the worse! So I'm guessing you must really enjoy your coffee when you get to have one?

  2. Nice!! Never had espresso?? I'm hyper so guess that would put me on the moon!! LOL

  3. TT, I know what you mean. I rarely drink coffee of any sort but when I do everybody knows!

  4. 2 fabulous finds, well done! I'm a decaf coffee girl, as it makes my heart race, so mainly stick to tea, but I do love the smell of freshly ground coffee and inhale deeply when making my husband his Sunday pot of plunger coffee.


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