A Day In The A Blue Mountains.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012



Three views taken from the family lounge-room.
Untouched photographs except for cropping.
Playing around with settings on the camera.

Link to last night's sunset: My photograph on facebook


  1. Thanks TT, I want to fine tune the blue one...
    Thanks for dropping by today.

  2. Great photos and it is fun playing with the camera settings.
    The sunset is stunning... so velvety and tactile!

  3. Great idea, the sunset is gorgeous :)

  4. Thanks Robyn and Helen, finally we have had a few days of gorgeous weather and stunning sunsets.

  5. These photo's are fab, I especially love the sunset.I asked Santa for a new camera but he just ran out LOL! Take care and keep sharing Hugs Vee xx

    1. Hi Vee, I don't actually own a camera...I've hijacked my hubby's. I would now love for him to get a macro lens!
      I hope you get your camera soon.
      Thanks for dropping by.


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