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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 19/366

Last year I started a sort-of-a-smash-book.
It's been handy to collect all my bits and pieces that I don't want to give up.

I'm just starting to get back on my feet after a long bout of flu come bronchitis.
I thought I was over it, and I guess I am, but as usual, after a bout of anything I'm left suffering from acute fatigue.

My sense of direction seems to be the biggest victim in all of this.

Today's smash book page is an attempt to find my way again before too much of 2012 has flown the coup.

This page is just a start before I begin to scrawl my brainstorming responses to help me sort myself out.


  1. How cool!! Glad your feeling better!

    1. Thanks Tango..on the mend, just don't have my mojo back yet!

  2. I really like this idea!
    It's a wonderful way to celebrate your year in a visual way..and so great to look back on.

    So sorry you've been so sick... keep plodding.
    One little thing each day is better than 'no' little thing.. and that one thing may be you resting because you need to.
    Document it in your book.

    Enjoying your photos and comments...thanks xx

    1. Thanks Robyn, I'm afraid I'm a sucker for 'journaling' no matter what form it takes. Sometimes it becomes a little more artistic! And it often can help put things into perspective.
      Thanks for your positive take on my current lack of energy...I am on the mend...
      Loving the photo challenge...it's something one can be involved in which doesn't always require huge amounts of physical exertion!
      It's fun seeing what others have come up with for the day - and sometimes it's uncanny how similar the underlying theme of some of the photos is.


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