A Day In The A Blue Mountains.

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 21/366

Swan Lake.


  1. This is a lovely photo - wish I was there!! I'm off to Google Map the Blue Mountains and Swan Lake in Australia. Some day I will visit Australia!!

    1. Lol Laurie! Swan Lake is on the south coast of New South Wales about three hours drive from where I live in the Blue Mountains. It's at a place called Swanhaven near Sussex Inlet. Our extended family have been going to Sussex Inlet for over thirty years now and we're still discovering new places to visit in the area.
      Make sure you come and visit me when you do make it to Australia...

  2. PS - I keep forgetting to tell you - you are on "No-reply" blogger setting- so when you respond to our comments- we can't email you back. You may want this setting, but just in case you don't - you can change the blogger setting by reading this tutorial.


    1. I think I've fixed this now...I'm afraid some of this stuff is gobbledy gook to me so I opt out until I understand a bit more. Thanks for sharing the helpful link!


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