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Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 20/366

They're not the prettiest looking feet in the world but this morning I treated them to a mini-pedicure.
Then I let them take  me on my first walk in over six weeks.
Tomorrow I'm going to spoil them some more and allow them some splash time in the waters of the Tasman Sea.
I'll expect that they will also want to wriggle their way into some of the whitest sands in the world and take in some sun.
But in the meantime, my feet will need some beauty  sleep.


  1. Wish I could catch a ride on your feet as they splash in the ocean!

    1. Laurie, let me assure you that they're long overdue for a splash in the ocean, maybe you can imagine a ride to the ocean with me today!

  2. Love it! There's nothing quite like a treat for the feet, they do work hard for us. Love the pink thongs too :)

    1. LOL..I avoided using the word 'thongs' as all my overseas visitors think of something completely different when I use it! Apparatenly it's only us Aussies that call them thongs...everyone else calls them flip flops...nonetheless, I love them as well and always buy a pair to send overseas as little gifts,'cause they love them too.
      Thanks for dropping by today Helen.

  3. Love the pink thongs too... ha ha
    My favourite colour!!

    A great post!


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