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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28/366

I took seventy five photographs today. 
For the above photograph the camera was set on shutter priority and I used a tripod.
Using a tripod doesn't solve every problem, so I found.
I experienced lots of movement because I was taking the photograph manually.  What I need is a remote so that the camera doesn't move every time I press the shutter. *
I'm sure there's a remote somewhere but it's not my camera and it's nowhere to be found.
Must wait for Mr Honey Pie to show me where it is and how to use it.
The reason I chose this photograph is because the slower shutter speed has given the subject much more depth, richer colour, and more life to the photograph, even though this was the only inanimate object photographed today.
Everything else was blurry because outdoors the tripod was on a timber deck that moved every time the shutter was clicked.  I tried to overcome the problem by taking three or four photos in quick succession but except for one or two the photos weren't crisp enough.
So much to learn.

*Okay, I can use a timer to prevent camera shake!  (The power of research).


  1. Beautiful!! Yes so much to learn!!

  2. Thanks for the great tip on the timer! I have a timer on mine but hardly ever use it becuase I seem to have fixed in my head that's it's for photos of the one who is usually operating the camera!Another thing I'll have to try now.

  3. I tried the timer with the tripod today...so easy!


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