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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24/366

Where were you Daisy?  We missed you today!


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    1. Thanks Tango, you're pictures aren't half bad either! Loved your cat one today.

  2. This is a beautiful picture - very nice!

    1. Thanks Laurie, and thanks for dropping by today.

  3. I'm loving that your feet are now taking you outside...
    Your photos are sooo enjoyable and great!!!

    The fire station at Windsor is very similar to this one and I have a similar photo from the same angle. Really like it!
    Keep up the inspiring 'shooting'.

    1. My daughter, grand daughter and I had a wonderful 3 nights down south...where the sun actually shone! Back home now to the wet and foggy blue mountains!
      As a child, Windsor was part of our stomping ground. My family spent many hours, during the summer months, down on the banks of the Hawkesbury. It was the best place to go to cool off.
      Such an historic place, so much to photograph there!
      And would you believe, I took the above shot in desperation 'cause the walls of the beautiful church across the street were draped in banners!
      Happy Australia Day.

  4. Lovely photo and I agree where is that cow Daisy? My mum lives in Kiama, it is such a pretty place.

    1. Maybe she joined the Australia Day Cows we spotted along the highway...painted blue with Australian Flags? Or maybe she was having a rest day since the gallery was shut for the day!
      My grand daughter was disappointed anyhow...Kiama is her favourite place to stop when we head to the south coast.
      Helen, your mum's a lucky person to be living in Kiama. I bet you visit as often as you can.


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