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Friday, 10 June 2011

Twin Birthdays/Crazy Weekend.

All Ganached!
Birthday Party 2morrow!
Sometimes I think my purpose in this life is to try out as many things as possible so I can choose ONE talent to concentrate on in my next!
I volunteered to make my Twin Sisters' fiftieth birthday cake not knowing at the time that my Daughter and Grand Daughter would be moving house today.  So in amongst the mayhem, the packing, and the boxes I have made the cake!  We also have two interstate guests arriving tonight and one from Sydney!!!!!
Foil Covered Numbers.
Black Forest Brownie Cake

Chocolate Ganache added.
With Cherries on top.

Marzipan Roses.
Taa Daa!

The Twin Quilts are bound, labelled and wrapped, the outfits all picked out (we have to wear wigs!) and all that's left is for the removalists to show up!

Happy Queen's Birthday Long Weekend to you all in Eastern Australia!

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