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Thursday, 2 June 2011

This Month In The Garden

I don't know if strawberries are supposed to be flowering at this time of year, but this one is!

Dark buds are forming on the Rhodanthe.

Honey Pie and I picked up four Hebe plants for four dollars at a fund raiser on polling day.
I placed them alongside the driveway, where there's always a risk of being run over by errant drivers!  At one dollar each I don't feel so bad if they should be destroyed.  For the moment, they are sending out new buds.  Fingers crossed.

Common Thyme continues to over-run a rocky nook.
Our one little rose bush continues to send out beautiful scarlet buds.

An Aloe Vera spike looking kind of eerie.

The broad beans were a little slow sprouting but with the heavy rain we've had over the past few days it looks like they've finally woken up!

My piece de resistance - Blueberry flowers.  Aren't they just stunning?  I bought two bushes at the opening of our local refurbished Bunnings store earlier this year. Gardening guru, Don Burke of Burkes Backyard advised me that I need to buy two bushes, not one.
They had three berries each on them at the time.  
Look at them now!! 

The Backhousia myrtifolia hedge is showing lots of new growth after a decent prune early in autumn.

Echeveria Black Prince in flower.

The cyclamen seedlings are doing well.

I think this is Banksia spinulosa but don't quote me on that.  These brushes are well spread out over the garden.  No care required at all.
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  1. Your flower photos are beautiful! Your garden must look lovely. The little strawberry flower is so dainty. But I do agree that the blueberry flowers are wonderful. I have not seen these before. But I also think the Black Prince photo is stunning. These are all lovely!!

  2. Oh Sweet Pea, so lovely to have you join us for Colourful Friday today.
    Your garden is simply stunning and would be most enjoyable to wander through.
    The mountains flowers are so different to the ones growing at the base of the mountains.. all so lovely and different.
    Thanks heaps for sharing with us.
    Happy Colourful Friday! xx

    Robyn :-)

  3. I just loved this post. Blueberries normally need a pair, enjoy the fruit when they ripen
    Happy days.

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I love my garden and even though it's a bush garden, it's forever changing (with very little help from me). Robyn, thanks for following. Can't wait to see next CF...our house is painted "orange" with a blue roof!!!
    Thanks for dropping by everyone.

  5. Your garden is fabulous and I love your red rose and the Banksia. :)

  6. Your flowers are so different. Love the Aloe Vera Spike and the Red Rose. Can't wait to see what you do next time. Happy Colourful Friday.


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