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Monday, 27 June 2011

House Warming Gifts.

My most favourite chocolate ever comes in a royal purple wrapper.
My Daughter and Grand Daughter moved house recently and last night we had our first meal together in their new home.
With the help of the Graphics Fairy I transformed a run of the mill container of drinking chocolate to a unique house warming gift in just minutes.
I used the Vintage Fab French advertising frame to which I added text and tint in my photo' editing program. In real life the label is much closer to royal purple than what it appears in the photograph.
Then I printed out the edited graphic on an A4 size label (I love full page labels...cuts out on lots of guess work and I use all the scraps up by re-running them through the printer!).
I made sure that the directions remained uncovered on the canister. 
This is now a personalised canister of drinking chocolate for my Grand Daughter. 
To protect the new label and the container I covered the label and directions with one piece of clear self-adhesive plastic.
I finished off the gift by placing it inside a cellophane bag and tying with matching tag and co-ordinated bow.
For our Daughter I wrapped some home made soap in cellophane to retain the essential oil fragrance, then using the same graphic as above made individual labels for the soap. 
Once more I used the A4 size label to print out all the labels on one sheet and trimmed them with fancy edged craft scissors before adhering to the individual soaps.  I used clear adhesive plastic once more, to protect the labels.
Next I needed a carry bag for the soap:

The label for the carry bag is printed, again, on the A4 size label and cut to size before adhering to the front of the carry bag.
For tags, I purchased ready made tags from the stationers to which I added matching graphics (also printed out on labels and cut to size and adhered to the tag).
Finally, here are the gifts, all ready to go.
I wish them both a happy life in their new home!
(P.S. vanilla ice-cream sprinkled with drinking chocolate is to die for!)

I am linking this post to the Graphics Fairy, Brag Monday #91.


  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Great idea.

  2. What a really sweet idea! I would love to receive a gift like that! Coming over from The Graphics Fairy and your newest follower!


  3. Such delights!


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