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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Other Blue & White.

Influenza has seen me laying low this past week.  Never-the-less, this morning I thought I'd share my other blue and white dinner setting with you.  It is also a Johnson Brothers setting and my aim is to mix and match with my newer Mother's Day gift when we have extended family for lunch.  With both services I now have enough to serve thirty two adults!  It has, as yet, never come to this but more than once it's been at the high end of twenty.  Still, with the increasing chance of more grandchildren and sons/daughters - in - law, it could be on the books!!!
I like to be prepared...

One morning, many years ago, as a playgroup mum and host, I served my playgroup mums morning tea in teacups and saucers.  This was NOT the done thing, usually mugs sufficed.
I got lots of compliments that morning.  One mum in particular commented how she felt very pampered drinking her tea from a proper teacup - with a saucer to boot!

I particularly like this dinner service because each piece, like my newer setting, is differently decorated.
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  1. Your blue and white set is really pretty! I love that the pieces have a different pattern. It makes it that much more versatile.

  2. Hello Terri, thanks for dropping by today and for your comments.


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