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Friday, 17 June 2011

Colourful Friday

I loved working on this post.  Only problem is that I've got a bad 'flu (so has my dearest Hubby) and have not added as many things as I would have like to...so here goes...

Here is a journal I made using The Graphics Fairy art work and which I linked to Brag Monday  last week and which I entered into Sketch Saturday's #158 Challenge.  The colours of course were inspired by Robyn at Daisy Quilts.  Hope you like it.

You can read more about the china here and it's show cased with a persimmon (a fruit I love, the soft variety, that is), and a tangelo.

Thanks Robyn for the inspiration...

Nature just loves colours...here is a pair of rainbow lorikeets feeding on our verandah.
Blue and Orange go beautifully together.  

Hope you all have a happy weekend and that you all stay healthy.

I have linked this post to Daisy Quilts Colourful Fridays


  1. i was just blogging and came across your blog.. its very wonderful .. and also i love the colors you showed.. and those birds are absolutely gorgeous.. lucky you having them where you can observe in their glorious colors.. and yes.. blue and orange... whoooo
    :) have a great day
    and big ladybug hugs

  2. Hello,

    I hope you are both feeling better soon. Love the photo of the egg yolk in the bowl,super clever.
    Happy days.

  3. Oh Sweet Pea,
    You have some beautiful photos here and I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge :-)
    It's nice to have you playing along with us!
    Happy Colourful Friday xx

  4. Great use of the colours for this week. The journal looks great and I like the china with the persimmon and tangelo. A fun challenge.

  5. Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by, these colours were inspired by Robyn G at Daisy Quilts. The lorikeets visit on a regular basis and amuse us no end!

  6. Hello Bev C, thanks for the comments. Unfortunately both hubby & I are feeling quite ill...it's a nasty strain of the flu and we will probably sleep the weekend away!

  7. Robyn & Karen...thank you both for your comments too and for dropping by. Look forward to the next Colourful Friday.

  8. Your photos are great! Your journal cover is so cute. The egg in the blue bowl is very creative!! Love them all!

  9. Look forward to seeing you then and feel better really soon.
    Robyn xx

  10. The lorikeets are pefect ... mother nature sure does her best!


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