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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Let's Have A Party! # 2

Yesterday, family and friends celebrated my Twin Sisters' fiftieth birthday at the Burning Log Restaurant Dural.
We had a 'wig party'.
Even the teddy got to wear a wig!

I think my Youngest Brother had the coolest wig!
Our Second Sister made drink coasters using photographs from The Twins' last fifty years.  What a hoot we all had looking at the photographs spread out on the tables, and what a brilliant idea!
I'm pleased to report that the cake I made went down a treat.  Everyone licked their plate clean and I received lots of compliments. Also, I could tell my brother in law that it was gluten free (he is one that always makes digs at me 'cause I eat gluten free) and much to his surprise it was delicious.
After serving plates of breads and dips and antipastos,kitchen staff plated up perfectly cooked beef steak and chicken with mash and vegetables. The birthday cake was presented garnished with berry sauce, ice-cream and cream. 
A totally perfect way to spend a rainy and cold June afternoon.

Today, my sisters opened up their presents at home, so did not get to see them open up the quilts...but I got some lovely text messages on my mobile telephone.  I've even been promised kisses tomorrow...when I visit them again.

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