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Monday, 23 May 2011

Fingers Crossed.

This is now a complete quilt top...this morning I purchased quilt back and wadding.  Just need to cut my binding and off it goes to the long arm quilter along with this quilt top

Will they be ready for my Twin Sisters' birthdays in two weeks?

I've linked this post to WIP Wednesday, Freshly Pieced.  Wednesday 25.5.2011


  1. What a beautiful and vibrant quilt! I love your colors. I just finished a quilt top myself and had someone use a long arm to baste it to my batting and backing. I am going to do the quilting by hand and free motion....wish me luck!
    If I were your twin sister I would be so thrilled with this gift!

  2. Terri,thanks for dropping by today and for following!
    Just so there's no mix up...I'm not a twin but I do have a set of twin sisters! They turn 50 in June and I am making each of them a quilt for their 50th.
    So glad to hear you like the colours. I love getting feed back.
    I only found out about long arm basting a couple of weeks ago and I'm thinking of giving it a go for my hand quilting, which I prefer to do. Good luck with yours.
    Love your blog.
    Sweet Pea.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! I so love the fabrics you used!! What a wonderful gift! :)

  4. Nice quilt! They'll love it! I'm a twin too :-). I also live in the Blue Mountain foothills, but they're in Eastern Oregon.

  5. Thanks for all the lovley comments!
    Becky I wouldn't live anywhere else except the Blue Mountains...I'm sure your mountains are as beautiful as ours...who knows, maybe I'll visit there one day!

  6. Love the colors. I'm sure your sisters will love the quilts whether or not they arrive on time.

  7. Thanks BijouxBaby, the long arm quilter has assured me that they'll both be ready before the 11th so it's looking good. In the meantime I'm planning on getting both labels done and then it's just a matter of doing the bindings and sewing on the labels...wish me luck!


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