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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lunch Date

Had a lunch date with a dear quilting friend who has just put her house on the market.  I will miss her as she is moving down south, about three hours drive away.
What do you take to a lunch when you're told to bring 'nothing'?
I decided to make Nigella Lawson's Rocky Road Crunch Bars which not only taste scrumptious but travel well too!  Achieving gluten free might be a little difficult because although the  biscuits can be substituted with rice cookies I haven't found a substitute for gluten free marshmallows unless you make your own.
But I was in a big rush....half an hour to make these treats before setting off to the Bowen Therapist and letting them set in the refrigerator for two hours before returning home to pack them up into a pretty gift.
I used this graphic from The Graphics Fairy to make a thank you tag.  The cut rocky road was packed into a cellophane bag which I tied with a gold ribbon and voila!

I rubber stamped 'thank you' onto the tag because I had little time to do anything else.  I'm sure 'thank you' text could be included via  the photo editing program but in this instance a stamp was quicker.

My friend's verdict was positive!  And she served up a luscious pumpkin soup, a tasty stir fry and alongside my rocky road...shortbread almond treats.  What more could a girl want on a wet and cold afternoon?

I have linked this post to The Graphics Fairy.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day & the rocky road looked especially yummy. You can get Eskel gluten free marshmallows from Coles. I'm guessing they still have them, I used to eat heaps of them, very yum, but haven't bought any for a while as I cut my sugar intake.

  2. Hi Jan, I'm familiar with Eskal products...I will certainly check out Coles for the marshmallows. Thanks for the info.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog!My best friend (from since we were 10) lives very far away too!And those treats look yummy!


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