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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 206/366

The Graphics Fairy Spring Printable inspired these very-easy-to-make fridge magnets.
All you need is a print out of the bugs and butterflies (at the above link) at a size suitable for your glass pebbles, (I used high resolution paper for printing to stop colour bleed); some good, clear-drying glue, scissors, pencil, and one small, round magnet for each pebble.
Using the pencil, trace pebble shape around selected bug/butterfly, cut out paper shape of image and with image facing up, glue shape to back of glass pebble eliminating air bubbles if they occur. Once the glue/paper is dry,  glue magnet to back of pebble, allow to dry completely and that's it.
What could be simpler?



  1. I love this project--I just found a large flat rectangular lid (metal) that would be so cute for these magnets! I've got my list ready and gonna try my hand at these this week--thanks for such a lovely inspirational idea!

  2. Those are too cute!! Thanks for sharing the link!!

  3. These are really lovely and such a beautiful little gift idea :-)

  4. These are great fun ideas for anyone wanting a creative hobby Doris. Well done - Dave

  5. what a great idea, thankyou for sharing this!

  6. So cute and look a lot of fun to make:)


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