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Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 188/366

On the days that I commute to work, I look out the train window and watch the sun's effects on the world outside.
This week, there have been some spectacular sunrises.
I love it most when the mist is rising from the valleys.
It pains me though, that I can't find a vantage point to photograph the heavenly scenes before me because I'm in the train.
This morning, I couldn't resist and took pot luck through the train window.
Yes, yes, I know...I should get up earlier and take photos before catching my train. 
As it is, I set my alarm for six o'clock to catch the seven twenty four train.
Here's the bottom line: I'm not a morning person!

 Witnessing the sunrise these past few weeks has triggered flashbacks to the months we spent on the road, two years ago, and waking to the wonderful variety of sunrises as we travelled around Australia.
Most mornings, this is what urged me out of bed before my usual hour.
I'm thinking we're overdue for a camping holiday!

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