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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 186/366

Standing Nude
Norman Lindsay Gallery

My day was spent at the gallery with family.
The weather was brilliant but cold.
I have lost count of the visits I have made to the above gallery with its beautiful garden surrounds.
Norman Lindsay was an artist, cartoonist and author, controversial in his time.
He was very popular with my children during the seventies and eighties for his children's book The Magic Pudding.

My four year old Grand Daughter loved the comic characters, my teenage Niece was shocked by the Satyrs and her sister took it all in her stride.

Each time I visit, I see a different aspect of Lindsay's life and art.
A multifaceted man who definitely pushed boundaries.


  1. I haven't been here yet, but would love to go one day too.
    Sounds like a wonderful day.
    The Magic Pudding was on of my favourite books growing up. I still love it.. a clever man :D

    1. It's a great place to visit Robyn. If you do go, make sure you go on a guided tour.

  2. Wow looks like a great place to visit!!

    1. Not only is there a great gallery and etching room but beautiful gardens too TT.

  3. Great photo, it's a very special place :)


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