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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Day 190/366

The first thing I did today was make Rocky Road Crunch.
Just because.
Afterwards, I played with the camera a bit.
Then Mr Honey Pie and I went to see an art deco house that's for sale.
We can afford it.
Shall we, or shan't we?


  1. ooh art deco, my favourite! can we see?
    ps was that how much you weighed after eating the rocky road :-D

    1. Ha, ha that's funny Kath. These are actually my kitchen scales! (So I wish).
      And sorry no pics...we just did an inspection. Very impressed with it but needs lots of work.

  2. Yummy on the rocky road crunch!! here's the picture of that?? LOL Good luck on the house!!

    1. Click on the link to see my last picture of rocky road TT. Still not sure about the house, even though it has great potential.

  3. Lol at Kath :)
    Rocky road and ARt Deco sounds like fun!


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