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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 194/366

Cleveland House 1823
Surry Hills
This could be the oldest still standing house in Sydney.

A Regency style gentleman's residence.
Built by Daniel Cooper.
Designed by Francis Greenway.
Both Cooper (business man) and Greenway (architect) were deported to New South Wales as convicts, later to be emancipated and become successful in their own right.

The gardens were refurbished around 2008 if I remember rightly.
There used to be a port wine magnolia in the garden bed at the front of the far corner of the verandah.
This has been removed and replaced with a less fragrant plant with which I'm not familiar.

The New South Wales government is currently repairing the verandah wall and sandstone flagging.  

14.7.12 I found this article from 2010 referring to the above property.


  1. beautiful! I love that veranda. I have always fancied rocking on the porch during a balmy evening.
    It rains too much in England :-O

  2. Love learning the history behind the building - this one is pretty. It reminds me of some of the southern buildings in Georgia, USA. Pretty picture :)

  3. Wow, another fabulous old building in the heart of the city. Thank you for sharing the photo and information :)

  4. This is a beautiful building a lovely photographic perspective.
    Gee, Francis Greenway was a busy man ;)


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