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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 193/366

Mr Honey Pie and I were surprised at breakfast by a visit from a flock of birds.
This is less than half of the total number of birds that perched themselves outside our front windows.
I have learned by experience that the moment you put up a camera before a wild bird, that is the same moment the bird flies away.
Being so unprepared, I opted for the point and shoot camera. Nor did I even bother to venture outside onto the verandah.
So, this photograph is opportunistic, taken through a window and it is cropped and highly edited.
But I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the visit.

(By the way, I've no idea what these birds are called...a native dove or pigeon me thinks.  Their visits are very seasonal, we see them for a few weeks each year and then that's it, they're gone.  Never have we seen so many in one go ... eight?)


  1. So cool you were able to "capture" them!! I love seeing birds from Australia :D

  2. Well done to capture as many birds as you did. They seem to know when a camera is lifted to take a photo. I think they are white headed pigeons, not a very exciting name, but ages ago I thought we had an owl as I heard hooting then spotted a bird like yours. After consulting our bird book I was a bit disappointed to learn of their unexciting name.

    1. Thanks for that information Helen, like you say, not a very exciting name, but apt! Good to see you back on board.

  3. Love the photo!
    I agree, the minute they see movement, they are gone!
    Take the opportunities as they arrive and then edit to your hearts content :D


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