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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 150/366

In a fit of passion I urged Mr Honey Pie to paint a feature wall in the lounge-room red.
Well - "Rum Runner" actually.
I'm sick of mundane, I'm sick of safe, I'm sick of predictable.
Life has been overbearing and overbearingly mundane.
Of late life has been brutal, sobering, depressing.
So I've had a wall painted red.
Do you like it?  

The colour reminds me of Old Gold Cadbury Chocolate, Moulin Rouge, pirates, treasure chests, extravagance.

I'm over predictable and safe.


  1. My sentiments exactly, and love the colour. I must say I did the same in my huge kitchen in my old house but did two facing walls. Had to get rid of one, the whole room was caving in on me, although it was a family room/kitchen with a large farmhouse table and six chairs etc etc the effect was overpowering for me. Hugs Vee xxx

    1. I take your point Vee. I now am planning to repaint feature walls in adjoining rooms to reduce their impact. Luckily, they were going to be re-painted anyway. Nice to see you drop by ... hope you have been well.

  2. Love it! I painted my bedroom a rich red at Railway and have not looked back!

  3. Love it, so good to break out and do something unpredictable...good on you! :)

  4. Progress report...this is such a deep colour that four coats have been applied and it's not done yet...looks better and better with each coat. Wouldn't want to be doing an entire room though...imagine how much paint one would need.

  5. I do like it!!
    I have red architraves :P
    Looks wonderful with the teal. Yum!


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