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Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 149/366

There's nothing like a new scarf to freshen up any outfit.
Teal has become a huge player in our lives these past few years.
All shades of teal...and it's the first scarf I'll own in the colour.
I'm using a fan lace pattern with a moss stitch border and an Australian made wool ... Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4ply. 
What I now realise though is that I'm going to need at least double the amount of wool purchased...making this a rather expensive scarf.
Not to worry ... I love the feel of pure wool, especially the smaller ply and think it's worth it.

On Saturday I visited the Blue Gum Market at Faulconbridge and also purchased some home spun wool which I'll also knit up into a scarf.  I'm so liking the pattern of the teal one I'll probably knit the second scarf in this pattern too.
I'll keep you posted ... the second lot of wool is purplish with flecks of light and dark...you guessed it...teal and subtle splashes of terracotta.


  1. A teal scarf....perfect! Teal is such a lovely colour.
    I am pleased to be getting out my scarves again, they do dress things up as well as being practical.

  2. That scarf should keep your neck warm this winter SP - Dave

  3. Teal or turquoise I suppose is one of my faves too...
    Love this scarf and your knitting is so lovely.
    Will look forward to seeing your finish... it will be so nice for you to wear :D


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