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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 137/366

I was feeling restless today.  Mr Honey Pie and I have a few projects on the go and sometimes it feels like nothing is really progressing.  Our Daughter and Grand Daughter dropped by for morning tea which became lunch.  The weather was perfect so off we went, for a walk down the fire trail across the road from our house, in an attempt to try and shake out some of the restlessness.

We found almost a meadow of Diplodium grandiflora, formerly known as Pterostylis grandiflora.  It is a native orchid and commonly known as the Superb or Cobra Greenhood. The orchid flowers from May to July.

The light was very low and not having a tripod photography in the gully was difficult.  No matter, I think it's not a bad photograph, picking up the poor lighting in which the plant seems to thrive.

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  1. Great photo in difficult lighting. I agree it does show off the plant in it's natural setting :)


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