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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 141/366

I didn't expect these still very small cyclamen seedlings to flower so quickly; so when I spotted tiny buds in the hanging basket they took me by surprise.
They were sown last year from seeds gathered from an old plant given to me as gift by my neighbour some years back.

By the size of them, I think the flower heads will be miniature.

Mr Honey Pie and I spent a lazy day about the garden.
The weather was quite wishy-washy so it was the perfect day for doing jobs like setting up the new compost bin, establishing a worm farm; and feeding the struggling natives growing along the driveway with home-made compost.
After all the rain dumped on Sydney and its surrounds over summer, this May is turning out to being distinguished for having the driest start in over one hundred years.


  1. I love days like that. Satisfying and productive.
    Oh those cyclamen babies are so cute. They are amazing how they survive.

  2. By the way, you're so great with our challenge!
    I'm running behind due to camera troubles... must get out soon and start snapping with my small camera.
    Keep up the fabulous pics!

    1. Robyn, one must decide on whether it's acceptable to publish poor quality photos or not...I've decided that sometimes it's inevitable and like you I was without a DSLR for a couple of weeks a while back. I now consider my 'challenge' photographs to be a record of my daily happenings and sometimes it might just mean a photo less worthy! Hope your camera issues are sorted soon.

  3. Wow,I didn't know you could grow a Cyclamen from seed....but then again I probably have never really given it much thought. Well done though, it is lovely to see new plants grow from seed.
    I agree with your thoughts too on posting good and not so good shots, if we are keeping a record of our days then there are going to be some shots that might not be up to our usual standards. The interesting thing is to look back on our photos and remember what we were doing that day. I look back to January...which feels such a long time ago... and I am really happy to have this little photographic diary to jog my memory.
    Sorry for the long post, just got a bit carried away there! :)

    1. Helen, until last year, I always thought Cyclamen grew by division. I will be very pleased if these bloom successfully.

      I agree with the 'looking back'. I'm also hoping to see some improvement in my photographs, although some days there's just not the time to worry about technique. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments!


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