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Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 142/366

Red-browed Finches are newcomers to our garden.  I don't recall ever seeing them before last summer.
Over the past few months they have been regular visitors and frequent our southern birdbath, along with Bulbuls and Eastern Yellow Robins.
The finches are very shy little creatures and I have attempted, on many occasions, to photograph them.
This is the best result so far.  Perhaps they are becoming a little more comfortable with sharing the garden with us humans.
The Bulbuls like to dive bomb the other birds so at times we witness quite a bit of competition for the use of the bath.
Although there are three birdbaths in the garden, this one seems to be the favourite and I have to check it regularly to ensure that the birds haven't splashed it empty.
Both Mr Honey Pie and I love to sneak into a camouflaged position to observe the antics of the feathered creatures.
Sometimes we can come within a few feet of the birds but, for some strange reason, when a camera is produced they seem to sense its presence and dash away.
The robins seem to be the friendliest of the smaller birds that frequent the garden and at times even seem to follow us around as we do our gardening chores.


  1. I am with you - love, love, love bird watching. We watched a robin take her bath yesterday - it was sort of like a funky dance! These birds that you have captured are beautiful! I'm so glad that I get to see your birds from Australia! I will have to try and capture a yellow warbler that I have been seeing flying around our home - although he likes to dive and doesn't visit the bath - yet!! I will have to find a way to entice him to stay a little longer. Thank you for sharing your world with us :)

  2. I too love watching birds, especially the antics around our bird bath. Sweet Pea you have taken a great photo of a very elusive little subject :)

  3. That's an attractive little bird SP. We don't have them here - Dave

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

  5. We are very lucky to live on a bush garden block in a beautiful part of the world. The only thing we really have to do is not destroy these beautiful creatures' habitat and provide a little water to encourage them. They are a delight to watch and I'm so happy when we have new visitors to the garden.


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