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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Day 43/366

Tonight, I could have posted about the frantic storm we had this afternoon.
I could have put up photographs of the hail,the overflowing gutters, the trees bending in the wind, the mess left after the storm, but I chose not to.
Instead I've posted a photograph of one of my rose geranium plants which is thriving with all the rain we've had.
When the sun was shining and the sky was blue, it seemed to sing a little tune about the colour green.

Besides the aromatic properties of this plant, it's great to have in the garden because its little purple flowers attract bees and encourage pollination in other plants.
It is said that it makes a good companion plant for roses as it repels pests and encourages growth.

I grow it because I adore the fragrance of the crushed foliage and for its bee attracting ability.
Also, it seems to thrive in our poor, sandy, acidic, soil providing much needed greenery in our garden.

Rose geranium leaves may also be used in cooking to flavour custards and to decorate fruit drinks and punches.

Essential oil of rose geranium is produced from this plant and provides a economical alternative to rose oil used for scenting cosmetics and beauty products.


  1. I am glad that you chose this picture instead. So bright and cheerful! I also liked reading about the geranium qualities. Thanks!

  2. Yay!! No storm pictures, this one is just beautiful!!

  3. Oh I'd love to rub one of those gorgeous leaves between my fingers!
    This is one of my favourite plants :D

  4. I used to have a potted tutti-fruity geranium but it didn't acclimatise when I moved and it was also a bit neglected the first couple of months then and it died :(. Scented geraniums are lovely.

  5. Lovely photo and the leaves really do smell gorgeous :)


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