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Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 37/366

In The Pink.

Today, I managed to do some sewing.
So I played around with  half square triangles.
Then I played around with the camera.
Manual setting,shutter speed, white balance, tripod,two second timer.
Today's photographs weren't as successful as past days, but the colour in the above shot was very lifelike.
Two second shutter speed, ISO 100, white balance set at tungsten.


  1. Gotta love HSTs me thinks :p
    They look great and you can do sooo many things with them.

    I really like that you're playing around with your camera's settings.
    Great stuff happening.

  2. Looking good, there's nothing like a HST! :)

  3. I discovered HST last year...the only problem I find with them is that I can get a bit carried away with all I can do with them, when all I'm really after is a random design! (Well, sort of).

    I'm having fun with the challenge Robyn.


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