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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Day 36/366

Playing around with camera.
Shutter priority, ISO 200, 2.5 second shutter speed.
Used the tripod with two second delay and quickly added myself to the photo. I moved around while the shutter remained open - this almost made me transparent but that depends on how much movement occurs.  I think that the more movement there is, the more transparent the object becomes.


  1. Isn't it interesting what effects you can see in 'failed' photos and how it helps you develop an 'eye' for how you want your pics to look later on. I wish I could attach a shutter release cord to my digital like I had with my old 35mm camera. Prevents all the rushing around and 'posing' yourself before the shot happens.

  2. These shots are such fun!
    Great effect :D

  3. Love the blur of motion against the clarity of the drink bottle :)

  4. I had heaps of fun whilst taking this pic (and others)...you can make yourself almost invisible depending on how much you move around.
    Thanks you all for dropping by and your lovely comments.


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