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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 33/366

Mr Honey Pie and I visited Reverse Garbage at Marrickville today.
Their mantra is reuse, reduce, recycle.
Here is a link to something I created from materials saved from landfill.
Today, I purchased more fabric, mainly samples - a shopping bag full cost me $5.
I'm dreaming up a wool patchwork quilt.
The above collage shows some sculptures on Reverse Garbage grounds, created from scrap metal.
In the top right hand corner of the collage is an image of the 'lost soul' room.


  1. Wow how cool!! Going to check out the link!

    1. Thanks for dropping by T.T. Hubby & I had a fun time at Reverse Garbage.

  2. Great photos! here in England we have Scrapstores which sound very similar. I used to volunteer in one and got "paid" in scrap, so you can imagine what a big job I had to "de-clutter" and "downsize" when we moved to Glastonbury :-D

  3. Kath, in my language, that sort of payment would be dangerous! I'm in the process of 'decluttering' as we repaint the entire interior of our house.
    Sometimes I think it should be compulsory to move house every 10 years...just to keep possessions to a minimum.
    By the way, your post on Imbolc made me feel so heartbroken that I'm not there celebrating! The whole of Glastonbury looks so colourful and festive. Our city has been washed out for weeks now and is just as muddy and mushy as a day at the Glastonbury Festival!

  4. What an interesting place to visit!


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